The TESOL Compass is a project of several graduate students in the MA TESOL program at Ohio Dominican University.

The mission of the TESOL Compass is:

  • To advocate for the MA TESOL program
  • To encourage fellowship among our students
  • To promote involvement in the Columbus ESL community

The Student Body by Numbers (Fall 2012)

A survey of students in ODU’s TESOL program showed some interesting trends. Of the students surveyed,

  • 84% are female;
  • 26% are nonnative English speakers;
  • 65% work full time; 29% work part time;
  • 45% have childcare responsibilities;
  • 48% currently teach ESL;
  • 58% work or plan to work in K-12; 61% work or plan to work in higher education or adult education*;
  • 84% are pursuing an MA; and 52% are pursuing licensure or endorsement.*

*Note that there is some overlap; several students are interested in teaching in various settings, or are pursuing multiple qualifications at ODU.




2 Responses to About

  1. Denise Congleton says:

    Congratulations, TESOL Compass staff! :)

  2. Chris Spackman says:

    Love the site. Clean and simple, with great content. Congratulations on a great start.

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