Letter from the Editor: Changes at ODU

H. A. Rehm

This fall brings with it some changes to the TESOL program. Instead of following the semester schedule, TESOL classes will now be held in two sets of eight-week sessions, “Fall Term 1st Half” and “Fall Term 2nd Half.” Students may complete field experience requirements outside of the eight-week span.

The TESOL program loses a valuable and admired advocate in Dr. Michele Regalla. In her four years at ODU, Dr. Regalla has inspired and encouraged TESOL students to try new teaching techniques, critically examine themselves as teachers, and continually reassess their methods. We wish her all the best in her new position at the University of Central Florida.

We welcome Dr. Brenda Custodio to ODU. Dr. Custodio retired from Columbus City Schools, and served as Assistant Principal of Columbus Global Academy. She will be teaching TSL 560 Instructional Methods in TESOL this fall.

In my time as editor of the TESOL Compass, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with classmates and instructors, trying always to connect members of the TESOL program with the wisdom and experience of their colleagues. If we have succeeded in this, it is thanks to the classmates and instructors who gave their time and energy to the Compass. We are also grateful for our readers, in (at last count) 56 countries, on six continents. After completing the TESOL program at ODU, I am stepping down as editor, but I leave both readers and writers in the very competent hands of a new editor. Gwendolyn G. DeRosa has been a driving force in this project from its earliest days, regularly contributing eloquent articles and encouraging others to contribute. Please welcome her, and continue reading the Compass!

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