The Reading Endorsement at Ohio Dominican University

Oure Marvel

The Third-Grade Reading Guarantee requires that all third graders be proficient in reading in order to pass on to fourth grade.  This affects any English language learners who have had two or more years of English instruction.  Having a reading endorsement on your TESOL teaching license will put you in a better position to help these students.

The reading endorsement at Ohio Dominican University is pretty accessible: all of the reading endorsement courses are offered online. At present, students must first have 12 credits of undergraduate reading courses. However, as the Third Grade Reading Guarantee is fairly new, these requirements are still being negotiated, and it is not certain yet whether this will apply to TESOL students.  If you took similar courses for your undergraduate degree, they may transfer. Contact Sr. JoAnn Hohenbrink or Cindy Graves in Education to determine your schedule. Then, because graduate students cannot register for undergraduate courses online, you must speak with Associate Registrar Emily McFadden [(614) 251-4792 or] to register for the courses.

The five required courses are as follows:

  1. EDU 211: Teaching Phonics/Structure of Language
  2. EDU 518: Reading in Content Areas
  3. EDU 520: Nonfiction Literature, Common-Core
  4. EDU 610: Reading in Social Settings
  5. EDU 620: Advanced Assessment & Remediation

To learn more about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, go to the Ohio Department of Education website or email

To learn more about the Reading Endorsement, contact:
Sr. JoAnn Hohenbrink – (614) 251-4759 or
Cindy Graves – (614) 251-4793 or

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