Dr. Micek Recognized at Awards Ceremony

micek award crop (Photo courtesy of ODU Office of Marketing and Communications)

H. A. Rehm

At this year’s Leadership Awards Ceremony, Dr. Tim Micek was presented with the David B. Erwin, Jr. Award. This award is presented to a student organization advisor who has been very active and supportive of the organization’s development. Dr. Jamie Caridi presented the award, and shared this quote from Dr. Micek’s advisees:

“Dr. Micek has made a great effort to be supportive of the newly-formed TESOL [Graduate Student Organization] and to be available to the officers every step of the way…We count his worth to us not in terms of meetings attended or activities coordinated, but in terms of the inspiration, encouragement, and support it took to get this off the ground. His leadership has helped many of us in the TESOL program become leaders ourselves.”

Congratulations, Dr. Micek!

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One Response to Dr. Micek Recognized at Awards Ceremony

  1. Mariam says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Micek – that is a great honor! We are blessed to have you as a professor and mentor, Dr. Micek.

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