Meet ELS Columbus!

Gwendolyn G. DeRosa

ELS Columbus is part of an organization with over 60 locations in the USA, Canada, and Australia.  “ELS provides students with a wide variety of options ranging from intensive English programs and university placement assistance to executive business programs and vacation learning options.”

I began my relationship with ELS during TSL 500 in the fall of 2011.  My 40 hours of field experience was an encouraging initiation.  Currently, I teach full-time as an instructor. I also facilitate The Crescent Moon Women’s Club, a conversation group for female students.  The experience with the students has been enlightening.  I want to promote a relationship between ELS Columbus and Ohio Dominican’s MA TESOL program.

Students come from all over the world to study English at ELS Columbus.  The courses offered at ELS include a grammar and conversation course, an academic reading and writing course, a self-directed language lab, and a vocabulary building course.  Some students study at ELS for over a year, whereas others stay for only three to four months.

A slight majority of our students come from the Middle East, mostly Saudi Arabia. The next largest groups come from China and South Korea.  We also get students from Latin America, South and East Asia, Africa, and Europe.  Most of them are planning to go to American universities after their time at ELS, either at the bachelor or graduate level. Because graduating from the ELS program can replace a TOEFL or IELTS requirement at many universities, this is a popular option.  Many students are trying to further their careers, or just have an education vacation.

There are a lot of great opportunities for MA TESOL students to get involved.  ELS will hire teachers who have great experience, but don’t have or are working on degrees.  They’re always looking for substitutes, part time and full time teachers. Please contact Elizabeth Carmedy-Moore at for more information.

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